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Phonics and Reading Curriculum



All children in EYFS and KS1 are taught phonic skills following the principles of Letters and Sounds.  This takes place through dedicated phonics sessions.  Phases 1 to 6 are taught through a variety of approaches and using recognised programmes, including elements of LCPPhonics Play and Phonic Bug resources.  Children are taught in whole class daily lessons as well as smaller group 'booster' interventions.  This is continued in KS2 when it is appropriate.

Reading Scheme

In Reception and Year 1, children are allocated online books through ‘Phonics Bug’.  These books are fully decodable and follow the children’s phonics learning.  To supplement this they are also given books from our core book scheme - Oxford Reading Tree (ORT).  Children move through the stages of the ORT according to their fluency and understanding, which is assessed by and is the responsibility of the class teacher.  This continues in to Year 2.  Children also have access to other collections that run alongside the core ORT books, including ‘Project X’, ‘Songbirds’ and ‘Traditional Tales’. Once children move beyond ORT Phase 10 and 11 they can have a free choice of books from their class library (‘free reader’). 

Those children working in KS2 who are working below age expectations will be supported through interventions and schemes appropriate to the child's needs.  This includes a continuation of the ORT scheme beyond stage 11 as well as other schemes aimed at supporting older children with their reading skills.

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