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Parent/Carer Governor Vacancy


1st March 2019


Dear Mums, Dads and Carers,

                                                Sherwood Park Parent/Carer Governors Vacancy

Some of you will remember that I am wrote to you in October to inform you of the resignation of one of our parent governors, Mr Jacobs. I explained that his resignation left a vacancy on our Governing Body and that I was looking for willing volunteers from amongst our parents and carers to fill this by joining the board of Governors. Unfortunately, nobody felt able to put themselves forward at the time.

I know that circumstances change and I am hopeful that someone is now ready to take on this role and the opportunity to play an important part in the life of our school and help build upon the partnership that Sherwood Park Primary School has always had with parents and carers and which has undoubtedly brought great benefits to the children.

The governing body of our school is made up of parent governors, staff governors and appointed governors. Its main tasks are as follows:

  • to ensure that the school has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • to uphold the school’s values and embed a culture within school that promotes equality for all students and staff.
  • to hold the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  • to oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


Parent/Carer governors are welcomed as valued members of the team and play a vital role in ensuring the governing body is aware of the views of parents/carers and the local community. We feel sure that there are people within our diverse school community, who have the experience, skills and aptitude to take on this important role and give their time and commitment to helping us to continue to improve the school's performance.

In looking to fill this vacancy the governors of the school have identified the following skills, experience and attributes that they feel would help strengthen the governing body:

  • Links with the local community
  • Experience of Health and Safety
  • Experience with premises or facilities/site management
  • Experience of working with children or young people
  • Previous experience of being a board member, governor or trustee in another school or sector

Governors also need what is known as ‘soft skills’ – the ability to be able to build relationships with a range of people, to be able to work as part of a team, to be able to question, and to make connections between different types of information. Following an appropriate level of training all governors are expected to be able to read straightforward budget reports and data on school standards.


Our governing body expects governors to:

  • Attend meetings of the full governing body (one per term)
  • Be a part of one of the two committees – Either Business or Standards and attend those meeting (one per term)
  • visit the school formally for monitoring purposes at least three times a year
  • visit the school informally at least twice a year
  • commit to attend training courses, perform additional research as required and take part in monitoring at least one area within the school


In return, our governing body commits to:

  • provide you with a structured induction
  • provide access to quality training both in house and via Bexley Governor Services
  • provide you with an experienced governor as mentor


If you feel you can help in this capacity please contact the office for an application form which will need to be completed and returned to the school by 12.00 noon on Monday 18th March 2019.

Please note that for the protection of children all governor appointments are subject to an identity check.

If there are more applications than vacancies, we will hold an election and you will be sent a voting paper in due course. You may return the ballot paper either via your child or by post.


Yours sincerely



Mrs Karen Cromwell

Head Teacher

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