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Sherwood Park Governing Body

A Message From The Chair of Governors

I am writing to introduce myself as the Chair of the Governing Body at Sherwood Park Primary School. I have a long association with the school, my own children attended many years ago now and following a period of time as a parent governor I have continued to serve on the governing body for many years in a variety of roles.

As an education professional and an experienced serving secondary school Headteacher I hope, together with the whole governing body, to bring an appropriate degree of check and challenge to the school so that Miss Trayers and her staff can have confidence in the support of us all as they work to drive up standards. The school is doing well and I am confident that the successful outcomes of recent years will be repeated. I know that the school will continue to nurture all of its pupils to become the confident and outgoing children that Sherwood Park is so very good at developing.

Sherwood Park is a very special place and the children are always a delight to meet. Myself and the other members of the Governing Body visit regularly throughout the year. These visits are important as they enable us to test the information that we are given and provide us with a view of how the school is working at any time. During our visits we often have the opportunity to meet parents and carers. It is vital that you all know that we are approachable and here to listen if you need us.

Should you wish to contact me for any reason, any communication should be directed in the first instance to the school office who will pass on any matter to me in the strictest confidence if necessary.

I enjoy continuing to serve the school and all its stakeholders and welcome on behalf of the Governing Body any feedback or suggestions as to how you would like to see us serve the school and its community. 

Yours sincerely

Natalie Willbourn

Chair of Governors


Governors Details 2020-2021

Name Category Term of Office Declaration of Business Interests Responsibilities on the Governing Body
Mrs Natalie Willbourn Appointed Governor 01/01/2014 -31/12/2020 None declared

Chair of Governors

English, Gifted and Talented, 

Miss Natasha Trayers

Appointed Governor 01/02/21 Headteacher at Sherwood Park  
Mr Ashley Quayle Appointed Governor 07/02/17 to 06/02/21 Deputy Headteacher at Sherwood Park  
Miss Jennie Trevillion Staff Governor 07/02/17 to 06/02/21 Assistant Headteacher at Sherwood Park  
Mr Andy Reddy Observor NA Assistant Headteacher at Sherwood Park  
Ms Laurene Rousseau Appointed Governor 10/02/2020-09/02/2024 None declared Safeguarding
Mrs Sarah Phillips Appointed Governor 10/02/2020-09/02/2024 None declared   
Ms Sarah Hall Appointed Governor 10/02/2020-09/02/2024 None declared  
Nicola Saunders Appointed Governor 10/02/2020-09/02/2024 None declared  
Mrs Kellie McLaughlin Parent Governor 10/02/2020-09/02/2024 None declared  
Mr Kyle McGimpsey  Parent Governor 17/05/2019-16/05/2023 None declared  
Mrs Alison Harvey Appointed Governor - Stepped down 12/06/2019-July 2020    
Mrs K Cromwell Appointed Governor - Stepped down 01/09/2019 - December 2020    

Please see the document below for information on attendance of meetings.


The full Governing Body meets 6 times a year and is concerned with overseeing the strategic direction of the school, ensuring good financial management and shaping the vision and values of the school. They also have responsibilty for monitoring teaching and learning, reviewing performance data, the use of Pupil Premium and SEN expenditure and pupil attendance and behaviour as well athe school budget, the premises and staffing.  Governors also contribute to the School Development Plan and the development and review of school policies.  It is responsible for the school budget, the premises and staffing.

In addition to these committees, there are smaller, more specific committees that are only convened when they are required. Some governors also have a specific responsibility to act as a link with the school on a key area of interest.  Details of those committees and the specific interest governors are below.

Management Committee

Mrs N Willbourn

Appointed Governors for Performance Management

Mrs N Willbourn

Head Teacher Appointment Panel

Mrs N Willbourn

Deputy Head Teacher Appointment Panel 

Mrs N Willbourn

Staffing 'First Pay'/Pay Appeals/Staff Dismissal

As required

Pupil Discipline/Complaints

As required


Contacting The Governors

Any correspondence should be addressed to the Chair of Governors via the school's email address:


For correspondence with the clerk, Felicia Ayeyemi , please email:


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