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Secondary Transfer September 2020

11+ information

Usually at this time of the year we, at Sherwood Park, would hold a parents and carers meeting to share information with you regarding Secondary Transfer and 11+ selection testing.  

Unfortunately, in the current climate we will not be able to do this so but we wanted to ensure that everyone had all of the information necessary in order to make your decision. 

To the left, you will see a PowerPoint presentation similar to what you would have been shown at school which hopefully answers any questions you have surrounding the 11+ test. 

You will also see there is an information leaflet which, again, gives you information regarding the test, how to register and other material which may be of use. 

As well as this, there is also the Bexley Special Arrangements policy for you to look at should you think that your child/ren might be eligible for this. 

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