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Adverse Weather Instructions


Set out below are our procedures for informing you whether the school will be open or not should there be snow or any other extreme weather conditions.

The school subscribes to the School Closure website ‘Opencheck’, a link to which can be found on our website, which in the first instance is the place where you must check to see if the school is open or not.  Alternatively you can reach the ‘Opencheck’ site by going to https://opencheck.atomwide.com/default.aspx and clicking on the School Closure button which is on the Bexley homepage (only during poor weather) and this will take you straight to the School Closure website. On this page, on the top dropdown menu choose Bexley and on the one underneath choose Sherwood Park Primary School. A message will appear stating the current status of the school. However, please check the date/time when it was updated as it could refer to the previous day.

We will also send you a message via SchoolPing. However, we know from past experience that the text messaging systems get overloaded and the message can be delayed quite severely, so please also check the website. Please check that you are signed up to SchoolPing.  The Head Teacher will endeavour to make a decision as to whether the schools are open or closed by 7:30am. 

When a decision is made, we will update the School Closure website, a message will be left on our answer phone and you will be sent a text and an email as stated above.  Should you not have internet access, please phone 020 8408 7508 and enter the school’s number: 303 2067.

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