Our school orchestra has been running for many years, lead by our Music leader Mrs Morley.  Anyone who can play an instrument is welcome, no matter what ability or experience they have, or whether they are having lessons in or out of school. 

The orchestra meets every Thursday after school to rehearse the pieces they are learning for the various performances that take place during the school year.  These include Christmas concerts, musical afternoon performances and the Bexley musical celebration at the Royal Festival Hall in the summer term.


At lunch time on Thursdays, Mrs Morley also runs school choir rehearsals.  All children in KS2 can join.  They learn and practice songs to perform at our regular school concerts as well as having the opportunity to perform with hundreds of other children at the 'Young Voices' concert at the O2, Greenwich. 

The choir also does a lot of fundraising and supports the local community by performing their beautiful music for the public to enjoy.  An example of their great work can be seen in our links with Queen Mary's Hospital where the children often perform for the patients there.


In past years Mrs Elves has helped run a successful recorder club and hopes to start a new club again this year.  Please let Mrs Morley, Miss Trevillion or Mrs Elves know if you are interested.  Once children reach a certain level on the recorder they can then join the orchestra. 

Instrumental Lessons

Individual and group lessons provided by Bird College on a selection of instruments are available at school.  Please contact Mrs Morley through the school office for more details.

Music News

The Choir at Queen Mary's Hospital

Our choir sang in the foyer at QMH to raise money for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Federation) .They then moved to Meadow View, a rehabilitation ward , where the patients make little gifts for the children. This helps the patients with coordination and fine motor skills after illnesses such as a stroke.

This was the choir's fifth visit to sing at the hospital and they have been invited to return in July.

We are very proud to say that they made headlines in the hospital newsletter, please click on the file below to read this.